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Helen and John Fagg have agreed to a microwave radiation tower being erected on their property at corner Colac and Rokewood Junction Roads according to The Courier Newspaper Saturday 26th November 2011, Page 156 in Public Notices.) Helen and John will benefit financially from this action (a lease on their property) while the community will suffer.

A public information session will be held by the National Broadband Network providers on Tuesday 6th December 2011 at the Dereel Hall between 2-4pm and 6-8pm.
The National Broadband Network has been rolling out underground cabling for high speed broadband access through cities and towns, however, due to the costs of this underground cabling (which is a safe process) the NBN doesn’t want to bring the cables out to Dereel, but instead put up a microwave radiation tower and have connections to it by pulsing microwave radiation out at the people which radiates us all.  There is more and more organized opposition to these microwave radiation towers – the most recent tower for Vodafone being stopped by the Warrandyte Residents Action Group in Oct 2011.

There is already a mammoth sized lattice structure radiation tower of 60 meters high with antennas on top which was approved by the Golden Plains Shire in September 2010.   It has been erected at the corner of Dark and Reservoir Roads, between Corindhap and Rokewood, but is not turned on as yet.  This new tower will network with both the existing towers at Smythesdale and Buninyong meaning microwaves are pulsed from one to another. It will cover a radius of 30kms including Shelford. 

The Smythesdale tower situated at Watson’s Hill off Baglin Street is about 16 to 18 kms from Dereel.   Mobile phone reception is accessed from it through north-western and central-western areas of Dereel.  The CFA Shed and Hall get coverage from both this Smythesdale tower and the Buninyong tower which is about 25kms away.  These towers certainly do NOT require line of sight to operate as the pulsed microwaves are powerful enough to penetrate most obstacles in their path. Towers are many thousands of times more detrimental to your health than mobile phones since the tower is the central network source for literally thousands of connections at one time.  was last updated for your reference with more than 20 pages of information from around the world collected August 2010 to March 2011.

This website already contains hundreds of pages of very credible information, and studies, peer reviewed, and articles from the public in their struggle against this problem.  These are from World renowned scientists, epidemiologists, neurologists, professors, and Australia’s two top neurosurgeons operating on brain tumours. It also includes a telecommunications expert, doctors, nurses, politicians, senators, biologists, physics lecturers, electrical engineers, librarians, school councils, school teachers, university lecturers, and the public who have suffered.  There are books written, videos to view, files to read and people you can speak with.

The proof is all out there with more problems surfacing every day, but you won’t know until you take the time to read it for yourself.  This is not the time to sit back and put your head in the sand.  The facts on microwave radiation are now out there for everyone to see. The evidence of sickness related diseases in Australia is becoming increasingly noticeable.

Trying to ignore the problem will not make it go away – we wish it would be that easy!

Look in The Courier Newspaper each Saturday under Public Notices’ as the Telco will advertise the tower as a ‘Telecommunications Facility’, with the Golden Plains Shire logo on it.

People who are employed by governments, the telecommunications industry, companies with government contracts, organizations who rely on or receive government funding, etc. can be controlled to keep silent or
they may be sacked, lose their contracts or their funding if they speak out.  Money controls most people.

The fact is, if this radiation tower goes ahead it will adversely affect all living things around it – including you, your cats, dogs, birds, live stock, pollinating bees, trees and plants, etc. which is all proven scientifically - no ifs or buts – that is a certainty.